Reasons Why You Should Opt for Integrated Programme Tuition At Champion Tutor


The Integrated Programme is an alternate education pathway in Singapore for competent secondary school pupils who want to enrich and expedite their learning.Students are given an advantage over their classmates in obtaining university admissions in Singapore and abroad by allowing them to move directly to junior college without appearing for the traditional GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations.IP education presents a wide range of issues, particularly in the areas of mathematics and science.Finding the correct assessment books for extra practise problems, textbooks for reference, and even the appropriate advice to follow might be difficult.IP students must ace their GCE A levels in order to continue to university.The pressures of leaving out of school with only their PSLE certification might be overpowering for students who have not completed their GCE O levels.As a result, mastery in all academic areas is essential.

Many IP students resort to Integrated Programme tuition classes in Singapore to aid in the practical completion of the IP and maintain a strong performance track record. It is not as tricky or hassle as one would think to locate a good instructor for the child’s Integrated Programme (IP). Here at Champion Tutor, all the trained IP Tutors have the necessary experience to teach the specific syllabus and assist the kid in achieving great results on their ‘A’ Levels exams.

Integrated Programme Curriculum

The IP tutoring syllabus has been carefully researched and arranged to ensure that the kid enjoys the most significant possible learning experience.

The structure of the IP tuition is as follows:

The subjects that are covered are English, Maths, Science and Chemistry.

IP English

Under this subject, the following topics are covered: Comprehension Answering Techniques, Narrative, Expository, Argumentative Essay Writing Techniques, and Tips, Summary Writing Techniques and Tip, Application Question (AQ) Critical Questioning,  Oral Skills, and Current Affairs

integrated programme tuition

IP Math          

This subject includes the topics such as Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry,  Sequence and Series, Discrete Mathematics, Function Calculus, Statistics; moreover, an excellent platform for A-Levels H2 Maths will also be set by the tutors.

IP Science covers Section 1 to Section 6. Along with this, the school syllabus will also be included in tutoring.

IP Chemistry  

This subject includes The principle of Chemistry, Chemistry of the Elements,  Organic Chemistry,     Physical Chemistry, and  Chemistry in Society.


IP Tuition ensures that the child stays current with schoolwork and does not fall behind.They may also assist with challenges to what the kid has learned in school as well as clarifying any uncertainties they may have. The instructors will aid the youngster by focusing on his or her weak areas.He or she will be more effective if he or she explains and elucidates in more straightforward language.If the child decides to join IP, the Champion Tutor recommendsto enrolthe kid in IP tuition to help catch up on all as he or she will need to pass the upcoming examinations and succeed.