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Know about the divorce and it’s process

Divorce means mutual dissolution if the marriage that has happened between two individuals with the agreement form both the people. This will be done through any court . It is the emotional thing that will happens between husband wife and once they get divorce they will no longer the wife and husband. The divorce means terminating marriage between the couple and it is the end for the responsibilities of marriage. After the divorce the bonds between husband and wife will get dissolute and this will be done under the guidance of the law. To get divorce you have to know all the divorce procedures singapore that are important. Taking divorce is not the simple thing as it is involved with many issues like distribution of the property, spouse support and the responsibility of the children. In some countries if any one sacrifices their dreams because of the marriage then he will get compensation form their partner as they have left all their dreams because of the marriage. They have to provide the financial support for the children those who are born to them because of their relationship. This is because after the divorce one person will take care of the children and it will make burden to them. To avoid this the court will provide equal compensation form both of their parents.

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What is the process involved in getting divorce

  • Getting a divorce is not a easy thing as it is the involvement of the two families. The courts won’t issue the divorce and they will try to make them unite by clearing all the differences that are happened in between them.
  • For divorce procedures singapore there are some procedures that you have to follow. First thing you have to sign on the divorce papers disclaiming that you don’t want to continue in that relationship.
  • This papers has to sent your partner legally through a lawyer and you don’t have any rights to send your partner divorce papers directly. Then if both the partners are willing for the divorce then both if them have to attend in front of the judge
  • After attending in front of the judge in family court the judge will ask you the reasons for your divorce. You have to provide the appropriate reasons for your divorce. If the issues between you are small then judge will give you time to sit and discuss about the small problems. After taking most of the problems will solve as miscommunication and misunderstanding are the main reasons for the most of the divorce marriages.
  • Even after your discussion you still want divorce then the judge will pass the judgement by providing financial support to your partner and your children. It is your choice of taking care of the children and you can take them with you.
  • Without divorce you are not allowed to marry other girl and you have to inform her about your divorce before the marriage.


Doing another marriage without divorce or without telling her about your divorce is a crime.


Things That Criminal Defense Lawyers Do – READ HERE

            A criminal defense counsel for penal code singapore has many critical roles to play in pursuing a criminal prosecution. He or she is responsible for defending an offender who has been charged with a crime. They are there on behalf of the client that they help or the individuals who seek for the services that they can offer.

Allocation of the case

The criminal defense counsel can be approached personally by the client or may be appointed to the judge. Most criminal defense attorneys are public prosecutors who are paid for by the Public Defender’s Office. Cases are named by county, state, or federal courts. Other criminal prosecution attorneys employ private firms. Any criminal prosecution attorneys have an independent legal office where they are self-employed. Public defenders appear to be paid a smaller rate than professional attorneys and often tend to have a more extensive caseload owing to the appointment process and pay from people rather than defendants. In some situations, a court can appoint a private prosecutor to take part in a particular case.

Interview of the event

Once a criminal defense lawyer gets the chance to see the victim directly, they can try to gain as much data as they can on the situation. By answering detailed questions about the case, they will hear about the potential protections and strengths and disadvantages of the case. It includes a diligent and thorough examination of the criminal.

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Investigation of the crime

In addition to raising questions about the crime posed by the criminal suspect, he or she must further investigate the case to find the potential avenues for the defendant’s acquirement. All this material is used to attempt to create a good argument against the prosecution. If an expert witness is needed in the case, the criminal prosecution counsel may interview him or her about the testimony that he or she may provide and the facts given in the case. A criminal defense counsel has the right to review the prosecutor’s evidence before it is presented to the jury. This encourages him or her to identify some flaws in the argument against the suspect and attempt to find proof that could contradict the prosecution’s case, such as employing an independent investigator or an expert to examine the facts of the case.

Evidence Analysis

Analyzing the allegations against the convicted suspect allows the criminal defense counsel to research the prosecution’s facts and hypotheses closely. He or she may have proof tested separately. Also, they can review the facts to decide if legal arguments are working against the prosecution of their client.

Continued Client Contact

A criminal defense counsel must remain in touch with his or her client to clarify any changes in the case and keep them aware of the issue. The council must ensure all interactions with the client are kept private. The panel must also ensure that he or she shares facts about the case with the defendant to have a clear idea of the potential implications.

Participation in the trial

A criminal defense counsel battles with his client during the trial. He or she investigates the evidence, cross-examines the state’s witnesses, and attempts to persuade the jury that the defendant has failed to meet the standard of proof.