A Complete Guide To IGCSE Homeschooling

International General Certificate of Secondary Education of IGCSE is an exam for private candidates which gives students the option to get a degree or certificate. It is conducted at centers across the country. It has become a popular way of acquiring education these days. For students and parents who see the novelty in conventional schools, it is a great alternative. If you clear the IGCSE exam, you will be eligible to opt for homeschooling. IGCSE homeschooling is an effective way to provide an opportunity for personalized learning to every child. And parents find this very effective as not every student can grasp the way thought in conventional schools. Some students need a personalized method to be taught to have the best understanding.

IGCSE homeschooling


  • Homeschooling brings about flexibility in studies in a student.
  • It has created a whole world of opportunities for all the people out there, especially for the differently-abled.
  • Homeschooled students have the freedom and a different approach to subjects. They are more interested in subjects and they have a more fluid way of learning things.
  • A research-based report came out that proved that students who studied from homeschooling tend to be more creative, smart, and efficient in all of their works. They tend to make better decisions and be a better person in general.
  • IGCSE homeschooling is one of the best ways of homeschooling your child. They provide the most effective curriculum and world-class teachers that have a personalized plan of teaching your child.


  • Homeschooling is often looked down on by people. People find it weird when they hear that any child is homeschooling. Parents have to answer to people the reasons they opted for homeschooling for their child.
  • You need to be patient and move in slowly and effectively hande all the difficulties faced by the child.
  • As a parent, you chose the medium of homeschooling for your child, considering the positive sides. Your child doesn’t need to like homeschooling. Your child will ask questions when they will see other children of their age going to conventional schools. As a parent, you need to handle such situations very carefully.

With the rise of the pandemic, homeschooling has become much popular, and an affordable option to give the right education to their child. But before you proceed with it, it is essential to do proper research. Note down the benefits and drawbacks. Talk with parents who sent their children to homeschooling, and wisely take your decision.