Hot Stone Massage for the Chakra

The Chakras, as per Eastern information and customs, are 7 responsive places of our body in which the fundamental energies dwell, situated along the spine, and where each point relates to an organ of our body. The Hot Stone back massage plans to awaken and reactivate the energy of these places, through the utilization of hot stones on the chakra focuses, beginning from the base up (contingent upon the technique). Thusly, the energy “stirs”, climbing the body, opening the energy channels and the stream massage therapist in Irving.

Hot Stone Massages with cold stones

One more form of the Hot Stone back massage is the Cold Stone Massage (Cold Stone Massage), that is, stones that are as of now not hot however cold. During the back massage, stones, for example, quartz and marble are utilized, recently cooled. This sort of stone treatment is demonstrated for the individuals who do sports, for those experiencing slim delicacy and to reactivate the miniature dissemination.

Who is the Hot Stone Massage not suggested for?

This sort of treatment is typically not suggested for pregnant ladies, those with serious injuries or injuries on the skin, extreme heart issues, and isn’t reasonable for youngsters. As stones are put at high temperatures, reaching qualified and approved places for this kind of treatment is prudent all the time.

Little tips after the back massage

After a Hot Stone back massage it is generally prescribed to incorporate a hot beverage like tea, natural tea or boiling water with lemon, to carry on the most common way of cleansing the body and energy.

It will be our consideration to check the fieriness of the stones put on the chakras now and again to have the option to supplant those that have now become cold or tepid with other hot ones that we have recently positioned in the extraordinary pot called “stone radiator” in which they are in a bain-marie and are kept at temperature.

The hot stone as a matter of first importance comprises of three unmistakable parts, the first of putting the stones ready, the second of exemplary manual back massage and the third of back massage with the utilization of stones.