What Are The Requirements For Being A Handyman In Olympia, Wa?

Physical Fitness Requirement

A handyman is known to work using his hands comfortably. So everyone tends to expect him to perform tasks that are physically demanding most of the time. Although there does not exist any specific height or weight that is required to be a handyman in olympia, wa, every aspirant is expected to have the following:

  1. Power to lift heavy pieces of equipment and objects
  2. Good eyesight
  3. Comfortable hand concerning working in heights and crawling spaces
  4. Training and Education

Unlike with other different trades, a handyman is not generally required to possess formal education. All that is required y them is that they are trained under any senior handyman to learn all the required skills for perfectly adapting the position.

Professional attitude 

Attitude might not be included in the job description of a handyman, but it, without the shadow of a doubt, is one of the must-haves when you are thinking of becoming a handyman. This is because a professional attitude helps to put a greater impact on the growth of the business and career advancement. Acquiring it all helps to gain people’s trust easily, which might hopefully help turn them into loyal customers.

A handyman must possess the work attitude mentioned below:

  1. Commitment to the job
  2. High-level of enthusiasm and energy to help
  3. Attention towards the demands of a client and the job
  4. Respect towards the work environment and others
  5. High passion and interest in finding new ways for completing a job

Major duties of a handyman 

The handyman’s job in Olympia wa is generally covered in gas, plumbing, and electrical. For preventing confusion, the only jobs included in the job description of a handyman in gas, plumbing, and electrical are:

Gas Duties

  • Connection and disconnection of a gas cylinder to any equipment using it

Plumbing Duties 

  • Connection of a washing machine or a dishwasher
  • Replacement of a showerhead or a washer in a tap
  • Working on stormwater pipes with a diameter that is less than 90mm
  • Clearing a wastewater drain that is blocked and has a diameter that is less than 50mm

Electrical Duties 

  • Testing switches and power outlets
  • Changing the batteries of various devices such as a smoke detector
  • Installation of antenna for radio or television


A handyman can help to finish off a task in no time. What are you waiting for? Hire one now and enjoy the benefits.