Electrical Contractors In Charleston, WV To Ensure The Safety Of Your Building

The electrical system of any infrastructure is one of its most significant elements. If you are running a business, it is essential to get your electrical system checked on time to avoid any possible accident. Through the eicr test conducted by a qualified electrician, you will get an eicr report. Through that report, you can do the required maintenance. You will learn more about the eicr test and eicr report through this article.

What is an eicr report?

An extensive inspection of the internal wiring of infrastructure is known as the eicr test. The test produces a report outlined according to the regulations of BS7671. The report states whether the installation is satisfactory or it needs maintenance. Whether the system requires immediate maintenance or not is also mentioned in the report. According to The Institute of electrical engineering, commercial properties should carry eicr test at a regular interval of five years.

So, eicr report is compulsory by law and also an ethical responsibility.

Things eicr report confirms

There are various aspects of an Electrical Contractors In Charleston, WV that are checked by eicr report. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It confirms the age of the electrical appliances used like cables, fuse box, etc. Normally the coting of the wire, material of the box helps to calculate the approx age of the appliances.
  • It detects any error with the equipment or circuits that have the potential to overheat or overload the system.
  • It also detects the potential areas of fire hazards and electric shock risks.
  • Proper earthing is a significant part of any electrical system. It helps to send an extra charge to the earth. Therefore, an eicr report also confirms proper earthing and bonding of installed equipment.
  • Any fault in the installation process can cause further damage to the electrical system.

The time taken to conduct the test depends on the size of the property. However, it is an essential test for the smooth working of your electrical system.