The collective place where one works for living

The organizational setup where one works for goals, administrative works in a building or a room is called as an office. The office design singapore is an architectural or design phenomenon where one has to go and work it may be a building or a small setup of bench and table it may be multi storied building also. In other words, office is place where people run white collar works as a team.

Office Design and space:

The office design singapore purpose of office environment is to make a setup in such a way where minimum cost and maximum satisfaction can be achieved to support the occupants to perform their works. The office space may be bit not so easy to choose as different people perform different tasks. The majorly the office space cab be divided into three major types like workspaces,meting spaces and support spaces.


The convenient and conventional office activities take place in work space it may be dived into nine generic work spaces.

  • Open office-A place where more than ten people can work together can perform the work activities.
  • Team space- it is semi enclosed where two to eight people which can work as team and internal communication can be done
  • Cubicle – One person can work which gives medium concentration and less interaction
  • Private office – The confidential works can be done and office of one person
  • Shared office- Two or three people work together with a collaborative work
  • Team room – Four to ten people work as a team which is congenital works
  • Study booth- Closed area for one to concentrate on his or her work
  • Work lounge – Two to six people can sit and work on short term activities
  • Touch down – Workspace for single person.

Meeting space:

Meeting space can divide into six types as it is place used for interactive processes

  • Small meeting room – Two to four persons can accommodate for formal or informal meetings
  • Large meeting room – Five to twelve people can meet for formal interaction
  • Small meeting space – Open or semi open space for two to four for informal meeting
  • Large meeting space – Five to twelve can gather for informal interaction
  • Brainstorm room – A place for workshops where more than twelve people can sit

Support spaces:

Typical place the supporting staff will help for different activities like filling space, storage space, print and copy area, mailing area, pantry area, break area, locker area, smoking area, library, games room, lactation room, waiting area, Circulation space.

Summing up:

The office is a place where all the administrative, white collar works get formulated and implemented. The structure and design of the office varies from the requirements and the works performed by the office.