The price is lower (of course).

The car depreciates less . The period of greatest depreciation of a car is in the first two years of its life and it is especially experienced by buyers of a new car (as soon as it comes out of the dealership, a new car already loses a third of its value ) used cars in miami.

For those who change cars often, selling it after a few years is therefore cheaper and recovers a large part of the initial expense.

By purchasing a foreign used vehicle , the buyer will appear in the booklet as the first owner , thus increasing the value in the event of a subsequent resale.

If it is used “young” it is possible that the guarantee of the parent company is still valid . For example, Fiat guarantees some bodywork problems 8 years.

If this is not the case, when buying from a dealer, the second hand car is often covered by the seller’s warranty (for example in the case of our guaranteed company cars).

Starting at a lower price, you can buy a better used car : more spacious, more powerful, better equipped and bigger for the same price as a new, lower segment.

Driving a used vehicle makes you less nervous than a new one, especially when you have children or pets and you would like it to always remain perfect.

Insurance costs less , this is also a great saving!

The vehicles from abroad of some brands have more options than the Italian versions ; this is the case of Fiat, for example, which, having a lower market share abroad, adds additional options on its cars, with the same set-up.

Taking a tour on the sites of the dealerships that deal with second-hand vehicles or authorized dealers, you can find discounts that are not decided by the parent companies and therefore are not the same for everyone (as for the new one): savings are always around the corner . !

In the case of foreign vehicles, the instruction booklet may not be in Italian (but there is still the online version in all languages , which can be browsed comfortably on your smartphone).